“Lazy Lightning has been paying homage to the Grateful Dead’s musical canon for nearly 30 years. Once one of the original Wetlands “Dead Center Tuesday” bands, they have been keepers of the flame for decades, making them a seminal Dead Tribute / Jamband, who have been known to throw in covers by a wide variety of bands, such as Bob Dylan,, Chuck Berry, Phish and many more. Since the closure of Wetlands, LL has gone on to a wide variety of NJ / NY venues, notably performing at the Cranstock Summer Wing Festival, to the delight of hundreds of people each Summer, for more than a decade . — Bob O’Donnell, WBAI-FM

  1. Not Fade Away - Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad Lazy Lightning @ Pattenburg House
  2. Shakedown Street Lazy Lightning @ McLynn's Pub 8:43
  3. Operator Lazy Lightning @ McLynn's Pub 3:04
  4. Bird Song Lazy Lightning @ Rahway 6:21
  5. Friend of the Devil Lazy Lightning @ Crossroads 6:44
  6. Deal Lazy Lightning @ Ye Old Rathskeller 5:08
  7. Iko Iko - Women Are Smarter Lazy Lightning @ Cranstock 9:19
  8. Brown Eyed Women Lazy Lightning @ The Dive (Riverside Cranford) 5:03
  9. Cumberland Blues Lazy Lightning @ Ye Old Rathskeller 4:19
  10. Jack Straw Lazy Lightning @ The Saint 6:10
  11. Touch of Grey Lazy Lightning @ LauriPalooza! 6:23